Car Seat Headrest Pillow 3.0

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"This headrest stuff is just what we needed.. many times during long car journeys passenger wants to take a nap. When he sleeps, he can't control his body position, especially the head goes side to side. Thanks to this headrest, there is no more backache and neck ache after journeys. It helps to keep head safe within the cushions"

Leigh Haider - Headrest Pillow 3.0 Customer



Do you usually take long trips with your family or friends?
Have you fallen asleep and woken up with severe pain in your neck?
Do you want the kids to rest while you take them on a trip?

Enjoy all the benefits it brings to you and yours, our car headrest pillow. Add more comfort to all your travels with easy installation.

Support 180°Rotation for any up& down angle, It does not bother the seat belt at the side, keeps your neck in a more comfortable position.
More reasons to have this fabulous pillow in your car? Read on ...



🛏MORE COMFORTABLE CAR SEAT PILLOW: Exclusive patented design, according to other brand's improvement, latest Car Seat Pillows are mainly designed to provide passengers head neck support while fall asleep in the car, giving a more comfortable nap time. Make you feel more relax especially on your long drive for vacation.


💎STURDY AND SAFE MATERIALS: The lateral car seat side pillows' support rod is made of high quality environmentally ABS, headrest pillows are filled with soft and thickened memory foam pad, good enough for a cushion. Pillow covers are made with leather, easy to clean.


🟤ERGONOMIC DESIGN: This Pillow with Scientific Ergonomic Design, Car Seat Pillow Will Comfortably Support the Head and Neck on Side, Relax the Muscles, and prevent floating neck caused by prolonged bending, fatigue, and pain. And protect your head banging on the car door window.


 💚SUITABLE FOR BOTH KIDS AND ADULTS: Adjust the car travel pillow 180-degree rotation to choose your own comfortable angle. Keeps your neck in a more comfortable position. Headrest Pillows specially designed for children to protect their head and neck. If you don't need them, just lift them up to save space in the car.

✅EASY INSTALLATION: Check the instructions for your easy installation and removal, No additional tools are required, easier to install, and more stable than other similar products. Fit for most cars with bars of your headrest.

Take a nap comfortably and don't worry about waking up with any neck strain or pain. It has a flexible design with 180 degrees. The height of the headrest can be adjusted according to the height of children or adults to achieve the most comfortable posture. When not being used, it can be rotated back to its original position to maintain the original interior and aesthetics. 


    Material: Durable ABS + Memory Foam Pad

    Size: 14.2*7.9*4.3 inches

    Package Includes: 1x Car Headrest Pillow, 2x Lever End Caps, 1x Tool Kit, 1x Full Manual


    On top of that, this product has a patent-protected design.
    This wonderful pillow keeps your head and neck in the right position. As a result, it greatly reduces the chance of you developing neck pain or numbness. Also, if you are prone to slouching, this headrest helps to prop you up.


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