Anti-noise Earplugs

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  • Maybe we don’t know that most time we are in a hearing-impaired environment. Our noise isolating earplugs are designed specifically for live music, DJs, photographers, drummers, vocalists, and all other musicians. High fidelity concert earplugs are designed to reduce volume levels with absolutely no loss of sound quality, clarity.

Main Features

  • Ideal Noise Reduction
    These earplugs are with a high noise reduction rating (NNR) of 29dB, which can ensure your sleep quality, make you more concentrate on your work, and protect hearing in a loud environment. You can enjoy pleasant quiet.
  • Upgraded Material
    Upgraded super soft silicone material makes the stems won't be too long or hard. Low-pressure and without any discomfort. Especially suit a side sleeper. You can lay your head on the pillow without worrying about the ends stick out.
  • Lightweight And Safety
    It's more flexible and comfortable to deeply insert it to the ear canal. Good breathability and safe material, it won't make pressure to hurt your ear or expand your ear canal.
  • Better Wearing Experience
    The three-layer Christmas tree shape design makes it easier to insert different ear canal. Fit most people. It prevents dirt into your ear and ear infection. Without silicone odor or harmful chemicals and no skin irritation.


  • Liquid Silicone
Product Weight
  • 30G
Product Size
  • 8 × 5 × 5CM
Package Contents
  • Pair of Anti-noise Earplugs × 2


  • Due to manual measurements, please allow slight measurement deviations.

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