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Size: 5 Inch/120MM
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Copy Exact Shapes Instantly! Save Time & Money On Supplies!

Contour Gauge Profile Tool is the best way to get your DIY done quickly and precisely, instantly copying any irregular shape and giving you exact measurements with no hassle, create an instant template for fitting tiles, laminate, carpet, checking dimensions, molding, etc. without multiple measurements and wasting material!

  • Easy To Use, Just Push, Measure & Cut!
  • High-Quality ABS Plastic, Rust Proof & Durable
  • Save Time, Money & Effort
  • Works On Any Shape or Size
  • Measure Irregular Hard To Reach Areas With Ease
Copy any surfaces profile, with precise measurement in seconds. Simply flatten the profile of the gauge on a wall or floor, push it again the profile you'd like to measure, pull back slowly and trace the outline of your duplication. From there, cut and fit it effortlessly!

Gone are the days of going back for a second, third measurement, wasting flooring, wood or material. Once copied it locks in place to provide a precise, solid outline that is satisfying! This is a must-have tool in every shed, perfect for spring & DIY projects.

Note: This Model Does Not Lock In Place

Product Information

Color: Teal, Red or Blue
Size: 5 Inch/10 Inch
Material: ABS, Rust-Proof Plastic & Aluminum

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