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  • Note: Ring is silver

This beautiful gift box folds and unlocks exposing the beautiful ring and bracelet kept inside.

...But wait! The ring holds a secret message! Look through the eye of the ring and it says I love you in over 100 languages. Shine a light through it to cast the message on the wall.

This is the perfect Christmas gift for a loved one, so don't miss this once in a lifetime sale!

100 Languages ​​Crown Projection Ring are also very popular.

An interesting gift:
A fun ring box that can be used for wedding, birthday, and anniversary gifts. 

It will help you create a romantic atmosphere when proposing or surprising with a gift.
It will give your lover a big surprise when opening the ring box.


easy to carry:
Lightweight, easy to carry, Secretly gives it to someone you like!

Suitable for a ring, or a small pendant.
Suitable for all kinds of jewelry, rings, bracelets, or other gifts. 

durable and resistant
Made of high-quality PLA sheeting, durable and resistant, excellent workmanship. Protect surface, against abrasion and scratching marks, and dust.

Size: 7x7x7cm/2.76x2.76x2.76

Package Included:
1X Ring

The box is a packaging proposal it is not included in the package

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