Crown-B™ | Beating Heart Crown Smart Necklace

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Crown-B™ The necklace that makes you queen

💖 This is a heart-warming gift that a boyfriend must give to a girlfriend!!!✨

💖 This is a surprise gift from a girlfriend to a female friend!!!✨

💖 This is a surprise gift for your family or friends at the festival or birthday party!!!✨

🌟Suitable for a date, wedding, party, and other occasions!!!💖

💖The perfect gift for Christmas and birthday parties!!!

Decorated with shimmering round-cut diamonds and a Heartbeat simulation, this two-tone sterling silver necklace offers a fashionable way to elevate your look.
Heartbeat Electrocardiogram Rhythm Necklace. Love is like a heartbeat, it won't stop until the death, a promise love gift for her.
Also, Life is precious, all of us should respect it and love it, wearing it to remind you of being active to live. A pretty and meaningful necklace for women, girls.
Type: Necklace
Necklace length: 45cm
Necklace Material:  925 silver

Type: Pendant
Pendant Size: 15mm*1mm
Pendant Material: zircon
Modeling: Crown

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