Adjustable Garden Mist Cooling System - 5M/10M/25M

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The Mist Cooling System has a good effect, a large range, and can be adjusted to a thin waterline. It can rain from the sky. You can also turn off a sprayer separately to save water, suitable for family flowering, and cool the courtyard. It is very good. Garden irrigation tools.

The installation is also very simple, you only need to connect the household faucet to use, the distance of the nozzle can be installed freely according to your own wishes.

Cut as long as you need, you can complete the installation according to your own ideas.

Product description

🌳Upgrade 8/12 explosion-proof tube.After 30 burst pressure tests. Can withstand the water pressure of ten kilograms to the greatest extent, more pressure resistant and softer.

⭐Complete functions and many scenarios.Can be widely used in garden irrigation, garden sprinkler irrigation, courtyard cooling, industrial dust removal, etc.

💎Simple installation method.According to your own needs, freely cut the length of the hose, and connect the head of the water pipe to the household faucet to complete the installation.

🔥Multi-function nozzle.You can rotate the nozzle to control its water output or range, or you can turn off one of the nozzles.

🔥Installation method🔥

  1. Cut the length of the hose according to your needs.
  2. Put the water pipe into the 8/12 flat mouth tee joint and screw the cap.
  3. Connect the atomizing nozzle to the flat tee.(must be tightened to prevent falling off)
  4. It is recommended to rotate the atomizing head inward.
  5. Install a plug on the end of the hose.
  6. Connect the hose to the head connector and finally connect the faucet.


  • Micro-sprinklers Spray Water Cooling Moisturizer Water irrigation Kit Set,helps you save your your time and water when watering plants and flowers
  • Widely used in Automatic Watering Flowers,Automatic Plant Watering,Auto Watering
  • Suitable for gardening watering,balcony patio cooling,greenhouse humidification cooling
  • The nozzle is designed with eddy current and built-in filter to prevent clogging
  • Meet with the greenhouse nursery,flower crops on the strict requirements of water mist
  • Fine mist particles ≤70 microns (fine mist instead of smoke-like).
  • Removable nozzle for easy cleaning
  • Come with nozzles kit for convenient change.Easy to install and use


  • Misting cool System kit
  • Material: plastic
  • Size: 10m tube
  • Parameters: Per 10 meters = 10 Spray Heads

    Packing list (Per 10 Meters):

    • 1pcs faucet connector,
    • 1pcs nib quick connector,
    • 1pcs  4/7 capillary tube (tube size is about 4mm inside diameter and 7mm outside diameter), 
    • 9pcs tees + nozzles, 
    • 10pcs zippers.

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