2020 Portable Water-Cooled Air Conditioner (Can be used outdoors)

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Enjoy Cool, Clean Air, Anywhere!

The powerful, compact personal air cooler that pulls warm air from the room through its evaporative water filter to fill any space with cool, clean comfortable air! The air cools, humidifies, and purifies for better air! Perfect for eliminating allergies in small spaces!

Add Ice into your water for increased cooling! Ice can last up to 6 hours within our insulated air conditioner

Simply fill with water, plug it into any standard wall, and enjoy it! It runs up to 24-36 hours per fill! It is an evaporative air cooler that allows you to create your own personal comfortable climate! 

2020 Version Now Available!
✅ 3 fan modes for slower circulation or faster
✅ Larger water and ice hopper so you can go longer between refills
✅ Double Anti-bacterial fabric and UV light kills and eliminates germs and allergens
✅ LED lighting to match any color scheme in your home

AIR COOLER: It is a portable air conditioner that cools, humidifies & purifies. This personal space cooler features three fan speeds & a multi-directional air vent.

QUIET & PORTABLE: The lightweight & whisper-quiet fan plus soothing night light make it perfect to use overnight for a comfortable sleep. Arctic Air Ultra is energy efficient & freon-free!

EFFICIENT COOLING: Hydro-chill technology pulls in hot air through an evaporative air-cooling filter & turns it into cool, refreshing air instantly. Simply add water to the top fill water tank & press the button.

The wide-angle air supply is natural and comfortable, the shutters swing up and down, and the whole house is cool

Large volume and large fog volume, 500ML large volume spray concentration


Looking for a powerful, portable air conditioner for a small room?

Having an air conditioner in your room will keep you cool, comfortable, and relaxed - especially during those hot summer months. If you want to keep your room cool without the need to permanently install a large air conditioner, this portable AC unit is the answer. 

Brushless motor pure copper wire core, the surging power is more stable, low noise, full power, bass operation, low power consumption

Ice lasts up to 5-7 hours depending on outside temp and 24-36 hours before water evaporates.

2019 Version is no longer available but the upgraded (same price) 2020 version is now available worldwide! 

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